Tencent To Launch A Free-to-play Call of Duty Online?

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cod logoIn less than 10 hours, at the time I write this article, Chinese gamers will find out more about the mysterious website that online games publisher Tencent had put up. Will it be a modified Asian-only version of the Activision's Call of Duty franchise, a Call of Duty Online?

A couple of days major online games publisher Tencent launched a website with a countdown timer that ends on July 3rd. Tencent already announced that they will come up with something big at that day. 

Activision announced earlier that they developed a modified version of Call of Duty for Asia. And it seems that they have partnered up with Tencent to launch a the online version of Call of Duty in China first. There are indications that this could be a version based on Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and it is likely that the FPS is also based on a free-to-play business model. 

Technology news site reported earlier that Activision registered a couple of "China-related domain names like" and more, but also states "at this point, it’s unknown how Activision plans to use these names or if the registrations are nothing more than the video game company protecting its IP." Is that related to Tencent's teaser site and the upcoming launch of a Call of Duty Online version, or related rather to upcoming releases of the Black Ops series?

Tencent evolves to the ultimate FPS mekka in China. With operating the free-to-play online shooter CrossFire, Tencent developed a billion-dollars-business over the last years. The FPS CrossFire is Tencent's ultimate cash-cow, gross revenue might even top the one billion in this year. And it is just about time that Activision got active to enter this lucrative market, China, where you can make a fortune with just one single 'free-to-play' FPS game. 

We'll find out more in about 9 hours. 

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