Heavy tanks arrive with "Furness - Fist of Steel" in Heroes & Generals

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handg logoReto-Moto keeps their players busy. New tanks have been released with the "Furness - Fist of Steel" update for free-to-play WWII shooter Heroes & Generals. 600 newly added battlefields also demonstrate how much the MMOFPS has grown in popularity.

The SU-76M Tank Destroyer, the T-28 Model 1934 and the KV-85 Heavy Tank are now available for players of the Soviet faction, whereas the M10 Tank Destroyer and the U2 M4A3E2 Sherman extend the US Army fleet. The video below depicts the features of the historical tanks.

With another 600 battlefields, Heroes & Generals now provide 4,200 battlefields in total. There are also some more content updates and changes in the rank progression being included, that you might want to check out at the official site.

Heroes And Generals - "Furness - Fist of Steel" Update




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