New update 'Young' brings plenty of new content for Heroes & Generals

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handg logoWWII-themed MMOFPS Heroes & Generals receives a major content update, dubbed 'Young' after a US-brigadier-general Russel Young. This includes new game mode, new weapons and vehicles and some new game features. 

The latest game mode is called 'Encounter' and allows fast-baced battles with only infantry units on a small map. Encounter is based on a Capture-the-Flag mission and puts players at a train depot in the woods. 

Next to 2 new weapons and a new vehicle, the Kettenkrad light, Heroes & Generals introduces vehicle camouflage that allows to customize a couple of vehicles.

But also, improving the overall game play experience has been a central focus point of this update. This ranges from alleviating spawn camping with a new and improved spawn protection system, to including new immersion enhancing features such as the addition of the grits of war on the screen. To further balance the overarching War between the three factions, an underdog bonus and more battlefields have been added.

Plenty of stuff to be checked out by the community! The free-to-play game is available on Steam or at the official site.

Heroes And Generals - Young Update




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