'Xylander' update adds new weapons and items, improves War Battle balancing

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handg logoFans of WW2 FPS Heroes & Generals enjoy a new update that adds new weapons for the Soviet faction, uniforms, weapon skins and more: the 'Xylander' update introduces also a new 'Battle Director' improving the battle balance.

The Xylander update adds new powerful rifles for the Soviet Army, new weapons skins for German weapons, further customization options and some map updates. You find all details about those in the video log from Reto-Moto. 

In Heroes & Generals there are two types of battle. The Staged Battle does not influence the war, but have been evenly balanced and auto-generated. The 'Battle Director' is an algorithm that improves the balance in 'War Battles', Reto-Moto itself describes that it identifies "fun and suitable to be played" battles and battles "which aren't". 

All this and the new credits earning model are explained in the video below.

Check it out at the official site.

Heroes And Generals - Xylander Update Video Log






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