Utz has arrived - new assault maps added to Heroes & Generals

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handg logoUtz? What or who is Utz? WWII shooter Heroes & Generals has titled the most recent update after a highly decorated German General, Willibald Utz. The update adds a new "Forward Airfield" assault map and some minor improvements.

Forward airfields had been built all over Europe before and during war for refueling and rearming air units. The map allows a mix of close and ranged combat in the area and around a small village overlooking a river where a nearby farm has been laid out as an impromptu airstrip. 

Also, the Utz update brings more natural and realistic soldier movement, a series of tweaks to the semi-automatic rifles and some minor changes to GFX and SFX. Check out the full changelog here.

The free-to-play, browser-based, WW2-themed FPS Heroes and Generals celebrates more than four million registered players, find out more at the official site.

Heroes And Generals - Utz Changelog




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