The Soviets are coming! Heroes & Generals' largest ever update released

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handg logoThe Soviets enter the battlefiels of WWII in free-to-play shooter Heroes & Generals, as the largest update adds the highly anticipated third faction along with a plethora of new gear, characters, maps and further improvements. "With three separate factions each comprised of thousands of players fighting across Europe it’s a war on a whole new scale!”

Reto-Moto hasn't been lazy lately, the update includes a whopping 1,000 new European battlefields, 14 new vehicles and planes. The arrival of the Soviets create new challenging factors for both the Heroes and the Generals when it comes to strategic planing. 

The Soviet faction adds Infantrymen, Tankers, Fighter Pilots, Paratroopers and Recon characters. For the beginning Reto-Moto has created T-34 85 Model 1944 tanks, the Yakovlev Yak-9D figther plane, the PPsh-41 submachine gun and more firepower.

In addition to the content updates, the weapon-balance have been improved and deeper strategy mechanics added for Generals, so there is a lot of new stuff to be checked out, a full list of add-ons have been made available at the official blog. 

The free-to-play, browser-based, WW2-themed FPS Heroes and Generals celebrates more than four million registered players, find out more at the official site.

Heroes And Generals - The Soviets are coming



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