Heroes & Generals' hit detection improved ahead of major update

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handg logoThe recent update for Heroes & Generals improves what is - obviously - one of the most crucial issues in an FPS: the server-side hit detection sytem is now "reliable, fair and cutting edge" as Game Director Jacob Andersen ensures. Also, players can now join 'Staged Battles':

Reto-Moto's latest videolog explains the modified hit-detection-system which has been widely welcomed by the community as it does add to the shooting accuracy in Heroes & Generals. 

Players can join also a new mode, 'Staged Battles', in which they can select to play either of the two factions, independently of their chose faction allegiance in the war. The outcome of a battle does not have any impact on the massive 'War Battles", but player progression does. 

This and key toggles come with this minor update ahead of the next, upcoming larger one, which Reto-Moto describes as "the absolutely largest update we have made for the game with loads of new content and some really 'gamechanging'... well changes, that will affect both the core shooter as well as the overarching war/ strategy part of the game."

The next update will arrive in mid-February, stay tuned or check out it out right away: free-to-play, browser-based, WW2-themed FPS Heroes and Generals at the official site.

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