Latest 'Spaatz' update adds new maps, weapons and more in Heroes & Generals

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handg logoWWII MMOFPS Heroes & Generals adds a new action packed Skirmish map, new weapons and other enhancements. Also, a new in-game messaging system allows all players to communicate with each other, even if there are not online.

Reto-Moto's videolog no. 14 explains new features of the latest update, which includes a Skirmish map, set in the fields of rural France. The 'Spaatz' update introduces also limited army resources for the two factions, allowing 'Generals' to plan with more depth and strategy options.

Generals and all other players can now take advantage of the in-game messenging system.

Further improvements have been made with the new mission briefing and the enhanced battle report.

Check out full details at the new Heroes & Generals version, playable in your browser!

Heroes And Generals - Spaatz update, videolog #14




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