Largest Content Update to date for Heroes & Generals out now

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handg logoThe WW2 shooter Heroes & Generals received the largest content update to date, including the double amount of tanks, weapons and improvements. Check out the new trailer:

Heroes & Generals

The new update, codenamed ‘Patton’, doubles the amount of tanks by adding 9 new tanks, expanding the arsenal of war-machines to a total of 15 tanks, 3 tank-destroyers, plus 12 other vehicles ranging from fighter planes, reconnaissance vehicles, off-road cars and half-tracks to motorcycles and even bikes!

The new personal vehicle loadouts enables all characters to have their own set of upgradeable vehicles, including upgrades for the vehicles are anti-tank- and supply crates for supporting infantry.

The Patton update also adds 2 new weapons: the US M3 'Grease Gun' and the German MP-34 as entry level submachine guns. 

A new mechanism for spotting enemies has also seen the light of day in this update and a new introductory flow has been added for new players to ease their way into the game.

This and even more improvements can be found in the new Heroes & Generals version, playable in your browser!

Heroes And Generals - Patton update "9 New Goddamned Tanks" Trailer




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