Defiance - Developer Diary: What is a Shooter MMO?

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defiance logoWhat is a Shooter MMO? Find the answers in this developer diary video. What we also learned, Defiance is not a MMOFPS, but rather a MMOTPS (Massively Multiplayer Online Third Person Shooter). Unlikely that this will be free-to-play game, but check out this video, it contains gameplay footage.

DefianceTM is the first multi-platform shooter MMO which, in a ground-breaking entertainment experience, interconnects with a global television program on Syfy, cable’s premier imagination based entertainment channel. It is being developed for the PC, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.

In Defiance players and viewers are introduced to a world where humans and aliens live together on a planet ravaged by decades of conflict. The game combines the intense action of a shooter, with the persistence, scale, and customization of an MMO, while its TV counterpart exudes the scope, story, and drama of a classic sci-fi epic. Because they exist in a single universe, the show and the game will influence each other and evolve together over time, with actions in both mediums driving the overall story of Defiance.

Find more info about the upcoming productions at the official site. And check the Making of Defiance that we have posted earlier.

Defiance - Developer Diary: What is a Shooter MMO?

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