Defiance receives fresh content with massive 'Aftermath' update

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defiance logoMassive new content needs to be explored in Trion World's free-to-play shooter Defiance: Aftermath features new missions following the Defiance Season 2 TV Finale.

Aftermath is the game's largest expansion since summer and will take players across various spots from Silicon Valley to Paradise as the planet is again on the verge of a all-out war between the Earth Republic and Votanis Collective.

The update also includes new enemies, pursuits, contracts and events. Ark hunters are challenged to overcome villains such as Melak Vor, Nujekpe and more in seven new missions, including three instanced missions and new story maps.

Defiance will be also kicking off its first annual "New Frontier Harvest" festival beginning Wednesday, November 26, featuring a new synergy unique weapons, mods and gear. 

Defiance is a free-to-play shooter, connected to the TV series from Syfy and available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Head over to the official site for more details about the update and play Defiance for free.

Defiance - "Aftermath" Trailer



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