Defiance adds first world expansion "Silicon Valley"

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defiance logoTrion Worlds' Defiance received a major update with the "Silicon Valley" world expansion. There is much more to explore in this free-to-play MMO shooter.

"Within this new, post-apocalyptic expanse, paradise isn’t what it seems. Unsettling developments in the Defiance universe spell trouble: since having escaped into the Valley, Karl Von Bach’s discovery has heralded a new EGO, where he and his enigmatic Pilgrims of the Guiding Light anticipate your arrival into the Silicon Valley with worrying relish. Not only is the valley overrun with Grid, but Karl’s cult has taken firm footholds across the zone, where their true intentions are still shrouded in mystery. It is only Ark Hunters, the last defiant few, who can penetrate the Valley’s secrets and prevent its impending doom."

With this major expansion players can check out:

  • The new vast expanse of the Silicon Valley
  • "The Guiding Light" comprised of five new missions to discover the perils of the Valley
  • Invasions - new dynamic events: Stop the Grids before they conquer the Valley
  • New Synergies and Outfits: Corporate Espionage
  • New Encryption feature: Increase dmage or shield
  • EGO Rating Cap has been increased to max 5900

Head over to the official site for further info and play Defiance for free.

Defiance - "Silicon Valley" Trailer


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