Free-to-play Super Monday Night Combat Now Live on Steam

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smnc logo2Free-to-play online shooter Super Monday Night Combat has been released on Steam and is open for everyone. Accidentally and maybe a bit earlier than planned as Joystiq reports?

"The launch came as a surprise to developer Uber Entertainment, but it's decided to embrace the release."
Unfortunately we couldn't play the game, the client did not connect to the servers which are probably overloaded.

Super MNC is a free-to-play, strategic, class-based multiplayer TPS (Third Person Shooter). The next step in the Monday Night Combat franchise from Uber Entertainment. It differs though from Monday Night Combat with changes in skill, weapon and character-systems, an upgraded art style and an upgraded engine. It blends tactical combat, a deep metagame and offers a large amount of customization options.

Visit the official site for more information.

Super MNC - Official Game Overview

Super MNC - PAX Trailer

SMNC PAX_Screen04

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