MMOFPS Line of Defense Steam Early Access delayed, offers lower price

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lodlogoThe upcoming MMOFPS Line Of Defense was slated to become available to public as Steam Early Access last week, but 3000AD delayed the launch due to some issues. The developer is also offering new multiple Early Access tiers.

3000AD reacts to the negative community feedback about the Early Access price, which was initially set at $99.99 earlier in July. Derek Smart justified the price as they "are still looking for quality, dedicated, hard-core gamers who are going to look into every nook and cranny and into every facet of this massive game and let [them] know – with meaningful feedback – what [them]are missing and/or what [they] can do to make it better for all."

The new price scheme offers three Early Access tiers: Commander $99.99, Ambassador $69.99 and the lowest with Emissary $39.99. Players who want to participate in the Beta through the Early Access should be aware though that the tier bundles will not exist in the final game. Once the Early Access program ends, the bundles are gone, but there will be items which players will own for the life of the game, reappearing in later versions.

Line of Defense though will be 100% free-to-play and the Early Access version is re-scheduled to launch in the middle of August.

For the latest updates check it out at Steam or the official site.


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