Mech Shooter HAWKEN Releases Wreckage Map

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hawken logoThe latest patch for free-to-play mech shooter Hawken includes a new multiplayer map, titled Wreckage. The new map is set inside a huge crashed freight cruiser in a swamp on the planet ILALL and forms part of Meteor Entertainment's latest initiative in expanding upon HAWKEN'S vast futuristic universe.

In a seasonal twist, a special winter version of the the Last Eco map will also make an appearance, complete with a dusting of snow to get HAWKEN players in a festive mood. Holiday themed camo's, a snowman repair drone, a candy-cane wrapped thruster, chasis art and a good old-fashioned snipe hunt complete the Wreckage patch loadout.

Powered by Unreal Engine 3 Hawken delivers stunning graphics and fast-paced mech FPS gameplay.

Check out Wreckage and play Hawken for free at the official site.

Hawken - Wreckage Trailer

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