Hawken Invasion Patch Adds New Mech and Co-op Bot Destruction Mode

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hawken logoThe latest Invasion patch enhances the most recent and major Ascension update of the free-to-play mech shooter Hawken. The patch adds the Predator mech and a new Co-op Bot Destruction game mode, in which players need to fight off waves of bots.

The Preadtor, a new medium-sized mech, adds another option to the ever-expanding pool of mechs already available to players.The Predator excels at ambush combat. It can prowl the battlefield cloaked by its Stalker ability,which provides both near-total invisibility plus a form of heat vision that can detect enemy mechs through walls. The Predator can easily hunt down and lay waste to enemy mechs,earning it a fearsome reputation as a true battlefield beast of prey.

hawken cap01

hawken cap01

Co-Op Bot Destruction allows players to team up in a desperate fight for survival. Player teams must battle their way through waves of AI drones and bot mechs, with mech-based Boss fights interspersed between the waves to keep the action constant and intense.

Check out the new fun mode and play Hawken for free at the official site.

Hawken - Invasion Update Trailer

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