NGames kicks off first beta test for browser-based FPS Global Strike

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fear online logoHong-Kong-based NGames, who is known for running a plethora of browser-based games made in China on its international gaming platform, invites you to the first beta testing for their browser-based FPS Global Strike, beginning on February 5.

Global Strike is NGames' first non-plugin, military-themed 3D browser shooter, it does not require any extension and runs in a browser with "smooth operation of 60 frames for low-configuration computers", as NGames claims. 

Other than this the game offers classic, fast-paced 8-vs-8 matches, playable in 6 game modes, and quite many weapons and items that can be purchased in the in-game store.

Global Strike resembles many PC f2p shooters of the same genre, and if the servers connections are stable and there will be more servers located in different territories to minimize ping - assumingly after the Beta, the game would be fun to play. 

Question remains though, if this browser game will not too quickly be labeled as pay-2-win, check it out by yourselves at the official site.




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