Browser-Based FPS Ballistic is Set to Relaunch this Week

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ballistic logoRumble Entertainment announced on their official Facebook page that the browser-based shooter Ballistic is set to relaunch later this week. Games based in the USA can check out the latest version of the game that promises AAA-graphics in the browser.

Developed by Brazil based Aquiris Game Studio, Ballistic is a high-octane, team-based first person shooter set in the near future. The game pits two rival factions against each other for control over a new type of energy supply. With intense game modes, including death match, capture points, and king of the hill, Ballistic offers players full-featured, console quality gameplay instantly through Facebook or browsers on any computer, any time. No massive downloads and no lengthy installs.

There is no info yet on what has changed in Ballistic, assumingly version 3.0. But things must have changed dramatically for Rumble Entertainment as they had received $17.5 mio in funding from online games giant Nexon in October 2013.

To sign up for next closed beta now, players can visit the official site or keep checking the latest on Twitch.

Ballistic - f2p browser based FPS

Ballistic - Gameplay Trailer

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