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Choose your empire wisely. Choose between Duty, Enlightenment or Freedom. Three videos will guide you to choose the right one between three Empires in recently launched free-to-play MMOFPS PlanetSide 2. Check them out:

The choice is between the Terran Republic, the empire that is "obsessed with the preservation of law and order", the Vanu Sovereignty, who seek enlightenment through technology, or the New Conglomerate, a loosely organized band of outcasts.
Players can opt to play as one of six classes to aid their chosen Empire in global domination. They'll fight for control of key territories and valuable resources on three playable continents – Indar, Esamir and Amerish. With an extensive skill tree and free-form class-based system, players will be able to customize their soldier, weapons and vehicles to match their play-style, as well as the needs of their squad, outfit or empire. Battles can last for days or weeks, so players will need to build alliances and specialized combat outfits to take on long-term strategic and tactical initiatives. With aircraft and ground vehicles, as well as infantry combat, the battles will be larger and more intense than ever before.

PlanetSide 2 takes all the groundbreaking features from the original game – massive multiplayer battles, distinct empires to rally around, and enormous continents where intense ground and air combat unfold – and adds features that modern gamers have come to expect of the FPS and MMO genres. With advanced technology, years of gamer feedback, and a new SOE proprietary MMO game engine called ForgeLight™, PlanetSide 2 offers a truly competitive and visceral FPS experience with massive warfare, massive customization and massive community.

For more information about PlanetSide 2 or to login and play, visit the official sites.

PlanetSide 2 - The Terran Republic

PlanetSide 2 - Vanu Sovereignty

PlanetSide 2 - The New Conglomerate

MMOFPS PlanetSide 2 Launched Today

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