New Video Features The Black Widow Company In PlanetSide 2

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Check out the newest video featuring the Black Widow Company in upcoming MMOFPS PlanetSide 2.

This video features the Black Widow Company, a guild of the Terran Republic, one of the Three Empires in PlanetSide 2.

PlanetSide 2 will launch in North America and Europe on November 20, 2012. A free-to-play title with optional content available for purchase in the marketplace, PlanetSide 2 offers an unprecedented gaming experience where players battle in massive environments alongside and against thousands of players engaging in intense air and ground combat that spans the planet of Auraxis. Players will soon be able to pledge their allegiance and enlist in one of three unique Empires – Terran Republic, New Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty – in the fight for global domination.

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PlanetSide 2 - Black Widow Company

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