Latest PlanetSide 2 update includes new continent Hossin

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ps2 logoIt had been in the news already, but here is the official announcement, the MMOFPS PlanetSide 2 gets a new continent: welcome to Hossin, land of unforgiving marches, low hanging tree canopies and slow-moving, buggy terrain.

On Hossin players have to deal with terrain full of natural barriers, which adds an "insane element to PlanetSide 2's ground / air combat strategy".

Next to this content update, Sony Online Entertainment included some few modifications: A new recruitment tool streamlines the process for outfits, a new ownership system for base captures and Auraxian population can now control which continents are open for contest. 

The Hossin update is live, check out further details of this release at SOE's official site.

PlanetSide 2 - Hossin Intro


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