F.E.A.R. Online rushes into Open Beta

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fear online logo"Due to an unprecedented demand for F.E.A.R. Online Online Beta keys", Aeria Games has decided to open the server and grant everyone access to the new free-to-play FPS.

Is it because they could not handle so many requests or was it because of a glitch in their key distribution system, that made Aeria Games to suddenly open gates for everyone? Well, at the end that doesn't matter, does it... the Closed Beta testing for F.E.A.R. Online was as short as four days, the beta is no longer restricted and open to gamers without the need of a CBT key. 

Beta players are uploading their first gameplay videos on YouTube, here is a random selection:

Find out if F.E.A.R. Online is that scary and check it out for free at the official site.

F.E.A.R. Online - Team Deathmatch Beta gameplay

F.E.A.R. Online - Sniper gameplay montage

F.E.A.R. Online - Demolition gameplay

F.E.A.R. Online - I'm too scared to play












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