Hounds Enters Open Beta in Korea

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hounds logo2Third Person Shooter (TPS) Hounds is now officially in Open Beta and launched on CJ's gaming portal in Korea. Hounds is a release candidate for Western markets and set for a release in Q4 2013. 

hounds art02

The background of the game is set in the near future where mankind faces extinction through aliens that have invaded Earth. Special forces fight against the aliens. They call themselves Hounds. 

Hounds combines RPG and action shooter game elements. CJ Gamelab promisses a hardcore action shooter in 'console-quality' and outlines the elements of an RPG with character growth, attribute and skills, the collection of items and all embedded in an intense sci-fi-story-themed scenario. A matchmaking system will ensure that players with the same class and rank can team up to battle in co-op modes too. A Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Shooter (MMORPS) as CJ calls it, Hounds packs an explosive amount of action, offering five different types of game play including End Game Raiding, PvP and many more features.

Hounds is scheduled to have a Q4 2013 release on CJ' global gaming platform.

Hounds - Open Beta Teaser Trailer

Hounds - Lost Sign - Teaser


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