Hounds Dev Blog Reveals New Trailer, Calls It 'RPS'

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hounds logo2CJ Gamelab, a developer of MMOG (massively multiplayer online games) released a new teaser video of Hounds, an upcoming third person shooter and unveiled more details of the work in progress on its dev blog. They call it 'RPS' ('Role Playing Shooting'), a term that intends to describe a game mix of Role Playing Games (RPG) and shooting games elements.

Korean based CJ Gamelab has got high ambitions with its newest project. In brief, Hounds conceptionally combines MMORPG and action shooter game elements. CJ Gamelab promisses a hardcore action shooter in 'console-quality' and outlines the elements of an RPG with character growth, attribute and skills, the collection of items and a sci-fi-story-themed scenario. A matchmaking system will ensure that players with the same class and rank can team up to battle in co-op modes too. With other words PvE (player vs environment) is a strong game feature and Hounds tempts us with the RPG-formula: the more you shoot - the more exp, the stronger your character gets. 

Hounds dev blog also revealed a 'community village', where players can meet, join clan chats or get additional quests from NPCs, pretty much like in an RPG.

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The background of the game is set in the near future where mankind faces extinction through aliens that have invaded Earth. Special forces fight against the aliens. They call themselves Hounds.

Hounds is still in development and we estimate that the TPS (Third Person Shooter) will be launched later this year in Korea only, although there is no official statement to date. It might take another year for Hounds to be published outside Korea.

Hounds - Official Teaser Trailer (CGI)

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