CJ Gamelab Reveals A Bit More of Hounds, A TPS/RPG

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CJ Gamelab, a developer of MMOG (massively multiplayer online games) and subsidiary of CJ E&M, a major games portal in Korea, reveals a bit more of the upcoming online shooter Hounds on its revamped web site.

Hounds will focus on hardcore gamers who like extreme shooting action. The online game combines action elements of a shooter in the third person view (TPS) and elements of an RPG with a massive world to explore.

The background of the game is set in the near future where mankind faces extinction through aliens that have invaded Earth. Special forces fight against the aliens. They call themselves Hounds.

Hounds is still in development and we estimate that the TPS will be launched within 2012 in Korea, although there is no official statement to date. It might take another year for Hounds to be published outside Korea.

We keep you updated with further news, meanwhile have fun watching the Work-in-progress teaser trailer:

Hounds - Official Work-in-progress Teaser Trailer by CJ Gamelab


Hounds Artwork by CJ Gamelab 

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