Netmarble announces Closed Beta Test for f2p action shooter Hounds: The Last Hope

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hounds 1logoA new Third Person Shooter is set to enter the f2p arena in Europe: Netmarble EMEA announced the first Closed Beta Test session for Hounds: The Last Hope, promissing a game "with a strong story mode, PvP & Co-op" and "an incredible experience for gamers". Here are the latest trailers:

hounds cap02

Hounds had been launched in Korea and Japan back in 2013, and comes now to Europe with a fully localized client (English, German, Turkish) and dedicated service operations by Netmarble EMEA, the publishing arm for Europe and Middle-East of South-Korea-based developer and publisher Netmarble (formerly CJ Games). Closed Beta Testing is set to begin on Thursday, April 2nd. 

Hounds' core features are the in-depth storyline which evolves in compelling PvE game missions and action-packed Third Person Shooter gameplay, mixed with many RPG elements. The game is set in the future at times when mankind - or what's left of it - struggles for its daily survival against evil mutants. Players choose between four fighter classes and team up in squads to play in competitive PvP game modes or PvE missions.

Head over to the official site for more details or to apply for the CBT.

Hounds: The Last Hope Teaser Trailer





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