Reloaded Productions Celebrates Two Years of APB Reloaded Development With Reloaded Day

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Reloaded Productions® is celebrating its second anniversary as a game development studio San Paro style, delivering contests, prizes and exclusive in-game titles for players who have supported APB Reloaded since its re-launch in 2011.

Formed on March 7th 2011, Reloaded Productions Edinburgh became the second development studio under the GamersFirst banner, tasked solely with the re-envisioning of Dave Jones' All Points Bulletin open-world action MMO.

In celebration of two years of hard-fought success, Reloaded Productions is naming the day "Reloaded Day" and is awarding players who log in between now and March 11 three days of Premium status in APB Reloaded. Gamers will earn more experience, more in-game rewards for completed missions and can take advantage of a 20 percent discount on everything in APB Reloaded's item store. Reloaded Day also kicks off four days of high-stakes contests, giving players a chance to win more than $6000.00 worth of G1 Credits. More information about the contests can be found at APB Reloaded's development blog.

As a special thank you to players who have supported APB Reloaded's early development, Reloaded Productions is awarding special titles of 'CBT Veteran' for anyone who participated in the closed beta and 'OBT Veteran' to recognize all who joined the game during its open beta testing.

"It's a very proud day for everyone here, and everyone involved in the success of APB Reloaded," said Michael Boniface, managing director of Reloaded Productions Edinburgh. "In the beginning, the scope of work involved in making APB Reloaded would have been intimidating even for a large team, saying nothing of a development team of just 13. Through hard work, dedication and passion for the game, we're awed at what we accomplished, and look to a bright and exciting future of continued game development."

APB Reloaded

In a short amount of development time, Reloaded Productions took the commercial failure All Points Bulletin and turned it into a fun and addictive guilty pleasure for gamers worldwide. Through refocusing the title's core gameplay mechanics, improving the latency issues, converting the game to a free2play business model, and creating new in-game items, weapons, vehicles and characters, the modern-day cops and robbers MMO has become an undeniable example of success as APB Reloaded. The fruits of their labor resulted in a Steam most popular top-five free2play game for more than a year, with a registered player-base of more than three million users.

APB Reloaded features a rich experience similar to what players expect in premium packaged games. Players enter the city of San Paro to unite and fight with anarchist Criminals or join the justice-driven Enforcers. With two distinct open-world action districts, it's all about epic PvP combat, joining firefights over territory against enemy factions, or running missions to gain money and notoriety. Players looking for a quicker, more visceral experience can choose between two Fight Club Districts, pitting up to 32 players against each other in closed-off areas of the city, fighting for loot and boosting in-game status in modes such as Team Death Match and King of the Hill. The Social District is all about self-expression where players can share all of their creations, from custom clothing creations and modified cars to their own mixed music. The opportunity for self-expression is a big part of APB Reloaded, enabled by a toolset of customizable features that are second to none. 

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