Content Update 'Bonanza' Ignites TPS APB Reloaded

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The content update 1.8.0 in TPS (Third Person Shooter) APB Reloaded invades San Paro with new weapon skins, a new Joker Mystery Box and events with up to a 40% discount on purchases

Reloaded Productions, the wholly-owned creative development studio for GamersFirst, today announced the live release of version 1.8.0 for the Free2Play® online action game, APB Reloaded. Following the successful 1.7.0 update last month, update 1.8.0 introduces new Weapon Skins that give the citizens of San Paro the power to customize the look of their weapons, a new Joker Mystery Box, an exclusive reward for completing the 1.8.0 Challenge, and a hefty 40% marketplace discount.

Key Features of the Update Include:

1. Weapon Skins – The Armas Marketplace is stocked with 14 new Weapon Skins and even more are available through in-game progression!

2. Joker Mystery Box 3 - Gives players a chance at the new OCA Nano 'Connoisseur,’ and other cool prizes. The Nano is a never-before released unique, silenced automatic secondary weapon and is the most wanted prize for this box. In the spirit of San Paro, every box contains a prize!

3. Memorial Day Double Discount Weekend– From May 26thto May 28th, Premium members can add an additional 20% to their existing 20% Armas Marketplace discount and get their favorite weapons and items, including the new Weapon Skins for 40% off!

4. The 1.8.0 Challenge – Citizens that complete 10 Action District Missions, each day, for 3 days in a row (Friday – Sunday, 5/25/2012 – 5/27/2012 PDT) will be rewarded with five Joker Mystery 3 Boxes! Completion of this challenge also grants players an entry into a drawing to win the never before released 4-slot Vegas G24 and Hot Rod kit! 10 Lucky winners per server will be the first to cruise the streets of San Paro in this brand new ride.

Powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3, APB Reloaded features a rich experience similar to what players expect in premium packaged games. Players enter the city of San Paro to unite and fight with anarchist Criminals or join the street justice Enforcers. They don’t just play in the game’s open world, they live in it. In the action districts, it’s all about epic PvP combat, joining turf wars against enemy factions or running missions to gain money and notoriety. Here, the city and everything in it is there to take, or lose. In the social districts, players can share all of their creations, from custom looks and modified cars to their own mixed music. The opportunity for self-expression is a big part of APB Reloaded, enabled by a toolset and customizable features that are second to none.

Released in 2011, APB Reloaded melds player-on-player combat within the immersive world of a city on the edge of total chaos. Powered by Epic’s Unreal 3 engine, APB Reloaded features a robust set of customization tools second to none, providing gamers the ability to create the exact look of their in-game avatar, character symbols, clothing and even customize cars they drive. To get up-to-date information on GamersFirst and APB Reloaded’s Community and Fan Pages, check out the Official Site of APB Reloaded!

APB Reloaded - Official Gameplay Trailer

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