EA announced dates for Titanfall 2 Open Multiplayer Testing

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titanfall2 logoRespawn Entertainment and EA announced that Titanfall 2 will be available for a first Open Multiplayer Technical Test in August, prior to the game release on October 28th. Fans who own a PS4 or Xbox One system can get their hands on the improved Pilot and Titan gameplay.

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During the testing players jump into action and check out what has been improved in Titanfall 2. The full version will debut with a offline singleplayer campaign, where player start as Militia rifleman and become a Pilot. Titanfall 2 is poised to deliver fast-paced, fluid action and "adrenalin-fueled multiplayer experience".

The Open Multiplayer Test version offers two game modes, the 5vs5 Bounty Hunt mode and the 8vs8 Pilot vs. Pilot classic mode. The game modes can be played on two maps. During the second week of testing, EA will provide one extra mode and map. 

Players can also check out the new Networks features which allows them to find and play with friends fast and easy. 

There will be a Titanfall 2 Factions livestream that will be broadcast at Twitch TV on August 16 at 7pm BST / 8pm CET.

Titanfall 2 can be pre-ordered at the official site, the launch date for PS4, Xbox One and PC is set for October 28th. 


Titanfall 2 - Multiplayer Tech Test Gameplay Trailer


titanfall2 capS1 

titanfall2 capS1 

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