Overwatch is the most played game in Korea

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Survarium MMOFPSBlizzard Enterainment's Overwatch surpassed League of Legends and is the most played game in Korea by today. Overwatch reached an overall playing time of 30% of all Korean gamers, measured by Gametrics.

Blizzard Entertainment boasted to have surpassed 7 mio. players in Overwatch by end of May. The FPS shot straight in at top 3 position in Korea and has garnered a lot of attraction, especially in PC bangs. 

And these are the top 10 most played games in Korea as per today:

1. Overwatch - 30%
2. League of Legends - 29%
3. Sudden Attack - 8%
4. FIFA Online 3 - 5%
5. Starcraft (yes, really) - 3%
6. Lineage (yes, really) - 3%
7. Dungeon Fighter - 2%
8. Diablo 3 - 1%
9. Blade & Soul - 1%
10. Aion - 1%

Overwatch's stunning success shakes the confidence of Korean developers. No one believed that Overwatch would get this popular. In a market that is ruled by free-to-play gaming concepts, Overwatch takes 30% of the gaming revenue in just one month. It seems to have attracted both casual and hardcore gamers in Korea, delivers flawless gameplay and a great damaling dealing, hit impact sensation - which is important for Korean gamers. And they simply love skill-based, competitive gaming.

Nexon's Sudden Attack loses its gamer community to Overwatch at an alarming rate. It will be interesting to see, if the prequel, Sudden Attack 2, will be able to claim some territory back in a couple of weeks.


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