Escape from Tarkov Closed Alpha test announced

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A select group of gamers have the chance to get their first hands-on experience on the upcoming shooter-survival-MMO Escape from Tarkov. Russian studio Battlestate Games invites you to sign up for the first Closed Alpha testing, which is set to start on August 4. 

Escape from Tarkov is an MMO that blends FPS / TPS with RPG elements. Huge open, persistent world, many game features found in other survival MMO. The Alpha gameplay video is pretty long and gives an idea about the open world in Escape from Tarkov. In contrast to the first trailers that were full of hardcore action, gameplay resembles to other survival MMOs: exploring, scavenging, looting and modding stuff.

Players need to survive in the vicinity of Russian city of Tarkov where chaos and military factions rule the land. Next to the survival MMO / RPG elements in this game, I found the shooting gameplay pretty impressive - at least of what I have seen in the trailers.

Now go and sign up for the forthcoming Alpha at the official site. Escape from Tarkov will not be free-to-play though.


Escape from Tarkov - Alpha Gameplay





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