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moving hazard logoMoving Hazard, a team-based, competitive zombie shooter with a twist, is now available as free download on Steam. Psyop Games and IllFonic have launched a special trial version which allows players to get a free taste of weaponizing the undead vs. friends - for a limited time. 

The free demo provides full access to PvP modes and maps and allows players to advance up to level 5. Any progress made in the trial version will be carried over if players purchase the Early Access game which of course unlocks the demo level cap. 

Moving Hazard pits rival military factions in a desperate battle for resources in a world lost to the zombie infection, where players must fight the instinct to kill zombies in order to spare the shamblers and deploy them as weapons against the enemy. Basically, you don't simply run around with your team and shoot zombies and human enemies. In order to survive, in addition to your military weaponry you need to use advanced equipment that allows you to control or use zombies in a tactical way against your foes.

The UE4-powered shooter provides zombie fun on four maps and four game modes, along with two player factions and eight realistic weapons that can be customized. Next to the classic frags, players can use The Pheromone Attractor Molotov, which makes zombies attacking your enemies, The Chaos Grenade and The Templar. The latter repels zombies, forcing the horde to turn in their tracks to head away.

Moving Hazard has launched as Early Access with a $19.99 USD price-tag on Steam on March 10th and has received overwhemingly positive user reviews with descriptions such as "perfect zombie and first person shooter", "best zombie game", "super-addictive" and more superlatives. Not a single negative review, did they buy those reviews? Now you can find out by yourself, check it out for free at the Early Access Steam page.

Moving Hazard - Early Access Launch Date Announce

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