Overwatch release date announced, play it for free May 5-9 during open beta

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Survarium MMOFPSFor those who have been waiting: Blizzard Entertainment's upcoming, team-based shooter Overwatch got a release date. It will arrive in stores on Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox One starting May 24. Folks who have pre-ordered can check it out May 3-4 and the game will be free for all in the Open Beta period May 5-9.

In the Open Beta players can test all 21 heroes on all maps. For those who preorder the game, Blizzard gives away a Noire skin for Widowmaker and an access key that allows you to invite a friend to join the Beta. 

The game features 21 heroes, each with a unique set of super-human abilities and weapons. In the final stages of development, Blizzard added a progression system for heroes, allowing more customization options. Teamplay is critical to be successful in the objective-based missions. Players also can improve their shooting skills playing the AI game modes.

Find more info and how to pre-order Overwatch at the official site.


Overwatch - Release Trailer





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