Horror FPS Inner Chains seeks your support on Kickstarter

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inner chains logoTelepath's Tree, a Poland-based indie studio, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for Inner Chains, an upcoming horror FPS, which is already advanced in the development phase. Check it out:

Inner Chains is set in a surrealistic, nightmarish, biomechanical world, filled with hostile creatures. It's so nightmarish that the developer itself rated the game 18+. Players immerse into this dark world, which is set on a planet, full of dark secrets and fight for survival, facing hostile environments and evil creatures.

Telepath's Tree promises to deliver an FPS with a dense atmosphere, stunning visuals and thrilliing action. 

The Kickstarter campaign seeks financial support of $10,000 USD for polishing visuals and additional features "to make the game truly breathtaking".

Head over to the Kickstarter campaign page for more info.


Inner Chains - Official Gameplay Trailer


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