Escape from Tarkov - Shooter-RPG-mix reveal

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escape from tarkov logoRussia-based studio Battlestate Games revealed "Escape from Tarkov", a hardcore, survival MMO mixture of FPS/ TPS and RPG. Check out the announcement trailer!

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Escape from Tarkov is set in the Russian city of Tarkov. Players choose to work for one of two private military companies and fight for survival. They will meet many dangers, hostile mercenaries and more mysteries. The game features elements of survival MMOs, as the character can perish because of injuries, illnesses, exhaustion, dehydration and radiation poisining. Players play game sessions, called raids, but they also can roam freely over a large area of 16 square kilometers and scavenge for food, medicine and many more items.      

Players need to complete story-oriented missions and tasks to find out more about the Tarkov conflict. They also progress with their characters by obtaining and improving more than 100 skills that are separated into 4 types: physical, cognitive, combat and practical. There will be numerous MMO system modules that allow a a wide range of behaviours and tactics. 

Escape from Tarkov will provide quests, PvE and PvP modes, the latter with 64 players at one large location. More feaures such as an AI-controlled economic system, an area with traders, NPC and even animals.

The developer promises to deliver a game that "pushes the boundaries of genres and offers a new kind of gameplay based on a multitude of tactical and combat factors". They are also working on many aspects to bring the game to a higher level of realism, which also includes "100% realistic ballistics, a full procedural effect system, absolute control of movement, interaction with environment, stealth actions, advanced system weapon models, handling and customization".

Sounds all great. Can't wait to test it. Sign up for the English version of the Closed Beta is available at the official site. The first Closed Beta is scheduled to commence in Q1 2016. For the moment there is no statement whether the game will be free-to-play or pay-to-play.

Battlestate Games is not a newcomer, but the team of veterans from AbsolutSoft who developed the browser-based FPS Contract Wars. Among the 40 team members are folks who worked on Stalker, Mass Effect and Bioshock.


Escape from Tarkov - Official Announcement Trailer





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