Squad announces Alpha V2 with new content and features

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squad logoOffworld Industries announced that the tactical FPS Squad will receive new content and features, coming wih the Alpha V2 patch which is set for release on Friday October 30th, 6 AM GT. It will add two new game modes, 7 new weapons, a new weapon attachment system, a new inventory system and many other new features.

And more importantly, the developers promissed that the new build will make "the current experience smoother and much more enjoyable".

Two new game modes will arrive with "Insurgency" and "Territory Control". The latter is focusing on pure defence & offence depending on the side. 

Also all scopes have been done, improving sight and alignment. 

New features and improvements have been made for the inventory system, weapon handling, HUD items, weapon attachments, UI and more.

Squad is an online multiplayer FPS that is poised to deliver a high level of realism with a major focus on tactical teamplay and communication. 

Squad is still under development and released the first Closed Alpha on September 26th. The game received financial backup by 3,000 supporters via the Kickstarter platform and has been greenlit by Steam

Offworld Industries is comprised of a group of modders who have gained popularity for the Project Reality Mod for Battlefield 2. The studio formed a 25+ team to work on a UE4-powered, standalone successor to the acclaimed mod. 

The Alpha builds look very promissing and playable. If you want to join the early stages, head over to the official site and find out all about the Founder packages that grant you Closed Alpha access.


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