Overwatch Beta testing begins October 27 in North & South America

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Survarium MMOFPSBlizzard announced that team-based shooter Overwatch is set to begin Beta testing on October 27th in North and South America. Europe and Asia will follow soon. Blizzard invites you to help them make "the best team-based shooter on the planet".

Blizzard will do the Beta in two different groups, starting with a smaller group of testers for a Closed Beta who are committed to provide "100% gameplay feedback". And as such the number for the Closed Beta will be extremely limited and the participants carefully selected. 

The Closed Beta will kick off in the Americas gameplay region and during this time Blizzard will prepare the Beta launch for Europe and Asia, while Europe will be coming next and players in Asia can test the Beta version later.

The public might have a chance to test the FPS as well, as Blizzard plans to open the floodgates on some weekends and hopes to get valuable technical data throughout the "stress test" with a massive amount of players. Those Beta Test Weekends will happen occasionally, the first public test is slated for after the BlizzCon event. 

There is still no official word on which business model will be adopted for Overwatch and whether the FPS will be free-to-play. 

Overwatch is set in on a near-future earth, in which players pit against each other in the role of heroes, mercenaries, scientists or adventurers, each with several extraordinary abilities and distinct weapons. For example, Tracer, can execute acrobatic assaults thanks to her ability to teleport, drop energy and even reverse time. Or Reinhard, who can charge great distances or knock off enemies with a huge rocket hammer. 

Find out more details at the official site, sign up for their forthcoming Beta if you are really willing to provide in-depth feedback.


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