MechWarrior Online Adds Hero Mech Death's Knell

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Commando Hero Mech killing machine, Death's Knell, has been launched into the MechWarrior Online store. The true meaning of the newest Mech in the InnerSphere - a ringing of a bell to announce death - is an appropriate pre-cursor for those who challenge this Mech on the battlefield.

MechWarrior Online

Available now, this fast and agile Mech packs 176 points of armour and four medium lasers – two in each arm. More details about Death's Knell and its original pilot history is available at the official page. A video of Death's Knell in action with the Bitching Betty startup sequence can be viewed:

MechWarrior Online - Death's Knell

Starting today, players will also be greeted by the familiar and long-awaited Bitching Betty startup sequence, "Reactor Online. Sensors Online. Weapons Online. All Systems Nominal." The official female cockpit voiceover from the original MechWarrior games first returned to MechWarrior Online late last year, but the famous greeting is newly available, adding another authentic element from the series, which continues to evolve with fun and valuable content updates.

"Whether I choose to pilot a familiar or totally new Mech, such as Death's Knell, hearing Bitching Betty at the start really brings back fond memories while I get pumped for the action on the battlefield," said Bryan Ekman, creative director, Piranha Games. "We are excited to see how players utilize this speedy and deadly Mech, which excels at taking the fight to the enemy, and escaping before they can retaliate."

Sign up for MechWarrior Online and jump into the action immediately, download it at the official site.

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