Three teams are left standing in MechWarrior Online World Championships this Saturday

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Mech-PvP Shooter MechWarrior Online will soon crown new champions. Three teams are left standing and will compete for the World Champion title that comes with a $143k prize pot. Fans can attend the finals on Saturday 3, December, at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, Canada.

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“More than 1,224 pilots from around the world entered the MechWarrior Online World Championship tournament, which began with a Regional Qualifier phase earlier this year. Between the three remaining teams of eight core pilots each, 67 matches have been played dealing out 693 total kills and a staggering 257,577 total damage points to reach these finals.”

The North American Team is represented by EmpyreaL, the Oceanic Team by 228th The Wild Ones and EON Synergy will fight as the European Team. 

There are some events lined up for this day and tickets can be purchased at the door on Saturday. And for those who can't attend the event, Piranha Games will stream at

Tactical mech shooter MechWarrior Online offers 21 different maps and more than 350 BattleMechs to choose from. The MMO boasts to be a skill-based, highly competitive shooter, and requires effective teamplay to be victorious.  

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MechWarrior Online is an epic free to play shooter and is available now for eager pilots with itchy trigger fingers at the official site. Find also all details about the upcoming tournament at the official page.


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