Biggest Update in SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Ushers in all-new Gameplay, Interface and more

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OGPlanet announced the G-Revolution update for SD Gundam Capsule Fighter in North America. This update for the iconic Gundam multiplayer third-person shooter completely overhauls the gameplay, refines the user interface, and adds tons of new content. In celebration of G-Revolution, OGPlanet has planned a full slate of exciting events for loyal fans and brand new players.

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All new features, content and events are described at the official event page.

This massive G-Revolution update had been implemented on overseas servers only very recently, so it will definitely come as a shock to loyal North American fans to have it deployed so soon. The G-Revolution update replaces the rock, paper, scissors combat with a skill-based system that categorizes the units based on their combat specialty: melee, mid-range or long-range. The Custom Parts system will now allow users to equip their Mobile Suits based on their personal play-style, and players may choose from one of seven types of Custom Parts when they level up. Other gameplay changes include an overall update of the user interface, including an improved battle UI, adjustments in the unit upgrade system, and an increase in custom slot capacity for all ranks.

Players can enjoy the new mission, "A Storm Raging Through" from Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, and five new quests in the Destiny Gundam Blueprint Questline. Two new Capsule Machines and a Custom Capsule Machine have been added, as well as a BR Rank Research Lab and a new Battleship AI mode. Tons of cool items have been added to the in-game shop, including new units are available for sale or rental, several new package items, blueprints and a new battleship.

To celebrate the update launch, OGPlanet will be hosting a huge array of giveaways and contests over the next several weeks. Longtime players and newcomers alike will find plenty of opportunities to win special Gundam units and compete in creative competitions, such as producing a video, designing a sticker, or writing about an in-game event. Don't miss out on any of the fun-log in now!

For more details on the G-Revolution update and all the events, check out the official SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online page at the official site.

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