New "S Rank" Gundam Units Invade SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online

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OGPlanet announced that they have released five different S Rank units into their popular multiplayer third-person shooter game, SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online.

Two powerful S Rank Gundams, God Gundam and Wing Gundam 0 (EW), have been released to the in-game shop, and are available immediately for use in the game. Three additional S Rank Gundam units are also available in the game via in-game quests: Providence Gundam, Freedom Gundam and Justice Gundam.

Since SD Gundam Capsule Fighter launched in December 2011, players have been clamoring for the addition of the very powerful Gundam S rank units. OGPlanet has responded to these demands and expects that they will be a valuable addition to existing Gundam units, ranging from C ranks to AR ranks. They also will bring whole new level of strategy to the game because S rank units are worth more to capture in battles. Becoming a dominator or a target is up to each individual's preferred style of play.

For more information on SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online and to join the battle, visit the official site of OGPlanet

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online - Gameplay Teaser Trailer


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