VTC Unleashes TPS Mercenary Ops in Indonesia

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mercenaryops logoThird person shooter (TPS) Mercenary Ops is to set to enter open beta in Indonesia on 14 September 2012 at 4 PM. Publisher VTC Indonesia seems to be happy with the results of the recent closed beta test and is now accepting Indonesian gamers without the need of registrations with a beta key.

The sci-fi TPS Mercenary Ops is developed by China based Yingpei Games and already launched in several Asian countries as we have reported earlier and VTC is ready to launch the shooter full-scale.

Mercenary Ops includes the following game modes:

  • PvP - Head to Head: Round Kills, Team Deathmatch, King of The Hills, Bomb Mode, Capture the Flag, Treasure Mode, Infection Mode, Melee Round Kills
  • PvE - Co-op Mission: Invasion Mode, Zombie Survival, Assault Operations, Invasion- Massive

More about the shooter:
Set in the near future when powerful corporations have led to the imminent downfall of humanity, Mercenary Ops pits deadly guns-for-hire against each other, as well as other hostile forces, in a struggle for wealth and survival. The game combines the tactical gameplay elements found in other third-person shooters with the fast-paced action of online multiplayer titles. Mercenary Ops puts an equal emphasis on competitive play and team-based cooperative missions, providing players with a truly action-packed and explosive experience. Mercenary Ops was created using Unreal Engine 3. The engine was selected for its cutting-edge graphics, multi-core processor support, optimization for the PC and massive world support

Find out more about the shooter at the official sites.

Mercenary Ops - Official Trailer

VTC Indonesia launches Mercenary Ops


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