Online Third Person Shooter 'Mercenary Ops' To Be Launched in Indonesia

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mercenaryops logoDeveloped by YingPei Games, formerly Epic Games China, the third person shooter (TPS) Mercenary Ops is to set for launch in Indonesia. And by just putting this up on Facebook, Indonesian publisher VTC Online created quite a buzz.

The new title combines the best of the tactical gameplay elements from conventional third-person shooters with the fast-paced competitive and cooperative team matches found in online multiplayer titles – and adds to the mix a deeper layer of character development and customization.

Like other third-person shooters, Mercenary Ops implements cover-based mechanics and an active reload system as the foundation of the game's design. Along with these familiar gameplay elements, the developers added the precise control and aiming abilities found only on the PC. In addition, the game was enhanced by adding destructible cover, an encumbrance system and maps designed with multiple threat vectors to shake up the stop-and-pop gameplay often found in third-person shooters.

Online games publisher VTC Online posted the first game trailers and screenshots on a dedicated Facebook page and achieved astounding 14,000 likes in the past five days. VTC Online acquired publishing rights for Indonesia. Release dates are unknown for the moment. The Unreal-3-engine-based TPS is in development, Yingpei conducted the first beta test in some countries. Just to clarify the game is available under 4 different titles:

Global Mission - Publisher Zygames - China
Final Mission - Publisher Kunlun Korea - Korea
M.A.R.S. - Publisher Level Up! Interactive - Brazil 
M.A.R.S. in Turkey
Mercenary Ops - Publisher Kalends Publishing - probably North-America and Europe?

Find out more about the shooter at the official sites.

Mercenary Ops - Official Trailer

mops cap1

mops cap1

mops cap1

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