Third Person Shooter Mercenary Ops To Be Released This Summer

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mercenaryops logoDeveloped by YingPei Games, formerly Epic Games China, the third person shooter (TPS) Mercenary Ops is to be published by Kalends Publishing. PC shooter fans looking for a new twist on online multiplayer games are certain to find it this summer in Mercenary Ops.

The new title combines the best of the tactical gameplay elements from conventional third-person shooters with the fast-paced competitive and cooperative team matches found in online multiplayer titles – and adds to the mix a deeper layer of character development and customization.

Like other third-person shooters, Mercenary Ops implements cover-based mechanics and an active reload system as the foundation of the game's design. Along with these familiar gameplay elements, the developers added the precise control and aiming abilities found only on the PC. In addition, the game was enhanced by adding destructible cover, an encumbrance system and maps designed with multiple threat vectors to shake up the stop-and-pop gameplay often found in third-person shooters.

Combat in Mercenary Ops puts an equal emphasis on both competitive play and team-based cooperative missions. In competitive multiplayer, up to 16 players can faceoff in five different, intense game modes, while in co-op, teams of 3 - 8 players take on hordes of AI controlled enemies and mini-bosses in a fight for survival.

Apart from the dynamic combat features, Mercenary Ops features an array of customization and advancement options. Players gain experience from killing enemies and completing difficult mission objectives, allowing for more opportunities to access weapon and equipment upgrades; some of which can only be obtained in select game modes.

Mercenary Ops was created using the Unreal Engine 3. The engine was selected for its cutting-edge graphics, multi-core processor support, optimization for the PC and massive world support.

Mercenary Ops will launch exclusively for the PC in Summer 2012. More information can be found at the official site.

About Kalends Publishing
Kalends is a Bay Area-based game publisher dedicated to bringing high quality and innovation to online multiplayer PC gaming. Their upcoming title - Mercenary Ops, an action-packed, third-person shooter developed by Yingpei Games, Ltd. - is scheduled for release in Summer 2012.

Editor's note: 
A bit confusing. The game is also being published (at least we believe so) under different titles:

Global Mission - Publisher Zygames - China
Final Mission - Publisher Kunlun Korea - Korea
M.A.R.S. - Publisher Level Up! Interactive - Brazil - due release this year, the announcement is here (thanks to user Maxximus)
Mercenary Ops - Publisher Kalends Publishing - probably North-America and Europe?

The press release does not mention that Mercenary Ops is a free-to-play online game. But since we believe that it is originally "Global Mission" it is designed as a free-to-play MMO, hence we believe that this will be a f2p game.

Also confusing is that YingPei Games was former Epic Games China and they did sub-license and sell the Unreal technology in China, but later on entered development too, as Joystiq revealed in this article. The same article mentions that YingPei's partner for North-America was a company called "Delkans Publishing", but the above press release has been issued by "Kalends Publishing", which probably is one and the same company. Well, we could not find out, as there is literally no info on both companies in the internet. There is also no further info at the teaser website. But maybe in the next future, so stay tuned.

Correct us, if the above is wrong and feel free to get more info at the official sites of a game that will be published under four different titles.

Mercenary Ops - Official Trailer

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