MAIET's CEO Ask Me Anything Session on Reddit for GunZ 2 Summed Up

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The CEO of developer MAIET Entertainment answered questions anything related to GunZ 2 in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit. So what can fans of GunZ expect for the upcoming sequel? Here is a brief summary:

First of all, "Venister", the CEO made following statements regarding the upcoming launches of GunZ 2:

  • South Korea: GunZ 2 is in beta and he said that "there will be no further closed beta", so the open beta is imminent
  • Publisher Cayenne Entertainment will operate GunZ 2 in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau
  • There is no word for a publisher for China mainland and Japan yet
  • There is no publisher confirmed yet for South East Asia, but there will be one in the future
  • MAIET will not publish it in India
  • A publisher has been appointed to operate GunZ 2 in Europe. Venister believes that they will officially announce it soon. The launch in Europe will be "this year".
  • Fans of GunZ in North and South America have to wait for greenlight on Steam (Steam Greenlight page), but even Venister does not know, if and when GunZ 2 will be fully released afterwards, it seems that Steam's launching procedure is not really transparent. For America MAIET will operate the servers by themselves, Venister said they have hard time to implement billing and account features.
Major differences between GunZ 1 and GunZ 2:
  • GunZ 2 will feature a PvE storymode with an intriguing storyline and scenery. The PvE modes are based on "highly improved AI and story".
  • There will be more classes and weapons. MAIET is currently "working on the 6th class".
  • The weapon balance has completely changed. Sniper rilfes will be available, the shotgun is only effective in short and middle range
  • Each character has its distinctive skill set and stats. The "character system has totally changed".
  • Extended character customization options will be available
  • Characters can be purchased "with in-game money" and "there is no limit on selecting characters"
  • MAIET has simplified the monetization system in GunZ 2. "Basically you will be able to purchase almost any item with in-game money".
  • The item shop will expanded
  • There will be no LAN support in GunZ 2
  • There is no spectator mode in GunZ 2
  • A new tournament system is in development, but Venister can not confirm when and if it will be completed
  • There is only one map of GunZ 1 to be included, but there is a "possibility of remaking old maps".
  • GunZ 2 will be also based on a P2P system, but Venister assured that it comes with a lag compensation system that works
  • Venister was excited about the random match making system, which is based on the ELO system
  • And finally: is K-style removed in GunZ 2? Venister avoided to give an exact answer in AMA

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