Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms celebrates major update with a Steam Giveaway Weekend

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As game update 1.2 of the free-to-play tactical shooter Ghost Recon Phantoms is out now, Ubisoft celebrates these changes with a great giveaway. Download your free starter bundle on Steam!

Lots of tweaking has been done, the latest Ghost Recon Phatoms version boasts to deliver a better gameplay, improving balance, increased responsiveness and more. Weapons have been rebalanced through changes in the reloading and device recharging time. 

Also, newcomers can level up five times faster and can earn more powerful weapons. This and an improved advancements in the Beginner and Lieutenant's Playlist should help players face-off against veterans.

For three days only, you can download one free starter bundle every day from July 11 at 6 pm UK Time until July 14 at 7.30 am UK time exclusively on Steam to receive up to three starter bundles (£24 value approx) for free!

Check it out at the official site.


Ghost Recon Phantoms: Changes of Attica Map


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