Out of Beta, MMO shooter Firefall will fully launch on July 29

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firefall logo2Free-to-play open world shooter Firefall has been in Open Beta for a year and is announced to be officially launched on July 29, 2014 on both the official site and on Steam. And this launch comes with a massive content update.


Red 5 Studios teases the forthcoming launch with the largest content update that Firefall has ever had. The open world will be four times larger than now and the update adds "roughly 15-times the amount of content", compared to the previous beta version.

To prepare the launch servers will be coming down on July 14th. The shooter will also be released on Steam in the free-to-play games section.

In Firefall players explore the vast open land, collect resources, craft and improve gear and complete challenging missions. In addition to the PvE content, Firefall features a large open-world PvP continent, where players can pit against each other to control outposts and loot resources.


Head over to the official site for further info.

Firefall - Launch Trailer


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