CrimeCraft GangWars Expansion set for Dec. 5 Launch

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Vogster Online has announced that GangWars, the second major expansion to the free-to-play online shooter CrimeCraft will launch on December 5.

Vogster also released a trailer today showing off the new Territory Wars feature that pits the player-run gangs of CrimeCraft in combat for control of the lobbies and battle zones of Sunrise City. A new website,, provides full information on the new features and a new trailer showcasing GangWars.
CrimeCraft GangWars, is set in the bloody aftermath of the Bleedout Campaign and the destruction of the Scorpion Chamber, the governing body of Sunrise City. Gangs now fight for control of the city.

CrimeCraft GangWars features include:

·                 MMORPG Shooter – CrimeCraft takes the best persistent world RPG features (thousands of other players, loot, guilds/gangs, crafting, trading, missions, skills, PvE and PvP Combat) and combines it with the action and skill based gameplay of a shooter.
·                 Quickplay – Access CrimeCraft's core gameplay features through a simplified interface that lets you shortcut RPG gameplay and get right to the action. Players can switch between the streamlined Quickplay experience and the fully featured lobbies with the click of a button.
·                 Free Updates – Frequent huge free content updates. Previous updates have added: player controlled nightclubs, new maps, new gameplay modes, new weapons, new skills, tournaments (daily, weekly and monthly).
·                 Fast and Furious Action - CrimeCraft features 20 maps and eleven game modes including Core Annihilation, an epic game mode that blends PvP and PvE combat. Players cooperate with AI controlled soldiers to destroy an opponent's core while protecting their own.

“We started working on CrimeCraft GangWars soon after the launch of Bleedout,” said Vice President of Development Daniel Prousline. “We are very proud of all the new features, but especially Territory Wars. We can’t wait to see gangs fighting for control of Sunrise City. I am also very excited about Quickplay that makes the game so much more accessible.”

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CrimeCraft GangWars - Official Trailer

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