Blacklight: Retribution Adds New Hero Deacon

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Free-to-play Sci-fi shooter Blacklight: Retribution is getting a new Hero class character – T. Halsey, codename “Deacon”! Deacon is an engineering oriented hero that comes with a variety of themed equipment.

Blacklight: Retribution adds Deacon, here with the official description: 

"Sporting an exo-skeletal robotic left arm, Deacon has a completely unique look compared to any other Agent in the game. Deacon also sports well rounded stats, with above average HP. Coming equipped with the Repair Gun tactical gear, Deacon is perfectly suited for the brand new Siege game mode that will be released in the near future. Protect your team’s Scorpion Tank in style with Deacon!"

To download and play Blacklight Retribution for free, head to official sites.

Blacklight: Retribution - Deacon Hero Trailer

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