Introducing Netwar: New Game Mode in Blacklight: Retribution

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Perfect World Entertainment Inc. introduces Netwar: Blacklight Retributions brand new gametype. Featuring one of the largest maps in the free-to-play online FPS, this mode is heavily team oriented and rewards strategy, as well as team coordination.

The objective of Netwar is to earn more points towards the match total than the opposing team. Points can be earned in a couple different ways – holding any of the four control points in the four quadrants of the map, as well as capturing a communal flag which spawns in the center. Only by controlling a point on the map is it possible to capture a flag.

It will be vital to mobilize strike groups towards the four capture points to take control of them, both to generate points as well as provide more options towards capturing the central flag. The more points that are held, the faster your team will start generating score towards winning. Keep in mind though that unattended points will slowly decay back to a neutral state – so constant guard is required to retain possession.

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Recommended loadouts for this map include landmines for defense, long range weaponry, as well as shotguns and flamethrowers for defending points while in-doors. Healing equipment - as well as the revival injector – are extremely useful for assaulting points as well as escorting flag carriers to safety. Light armor and scout builds will also excel at rapidly assaulting points and the flag.

Overall, there are many different roles to play in Netwar. Whether you’re defending or attacking, the fluidity of the battle will fall solely on teamwork, skill, and map awareness. 

Watch the trailer below and find more info at the official site.

Blacklight: Retribution - Netwar Trailer

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